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Divorce & Family Mediation Attorney and Psychologist

At Connecticut Family Mediation, we offer an effective, sensitive, and affordable approach to addressing family law conflicts that are often worsened when exposed to the court system. We help create solutions to your divorce and family law conflicts in a private setting and as inexpensively as possible.

For each mediation session, the parties meet with the co-mediators, Attorney Kathy Martin and Dr. Mark Lucyk, to work out the issues regarding their divorce. The combination of a divorce attorney-mediator and psychologist-mediator is crucial when the parties get "stuck" on an emotionally charged issue, as happens so often in the divorce process. Attorneys are not present in the mediation session, although each party is free to consult with an attorney outside of each session. Depending on the needs of the case, the mediators may recommend that the parties use a financial specialist to assist in resolving financial issues.

We believe that a team of two neutral mediator professionals – a divorce attorney and a psychologist – is more effective and efficient for our clients than one mediator. The combination of co-mediator professionals from the legal and mental health fields offers the couple the best opportunity to successfully resolve family conflicts.

Some couples mistakenly believe that mediation won't work for them because the emotional discord between them negatively impacts their ability to communicate effectively. We recognize that many couples are unable to communicate effectively on their own. Facilitation of communication between the parties is the essence of mediation. This is best accomplished using a team of co-mediator facilitators: a divorce attorney and a psychologist.

Providing a divorce attorney-mediator and a psychologist-mediator offers couples the best option for resolving their conflict without litigation. In addition, having a male/female team provides a gender-balanced perspective that contributes to the sense of fairness during the mediation process.

Attorney Kathy Martin and Dr. Mark Lucyk are experienced Connecticut divorce mediators who provide professional expertise in resolving family law conflicts privately in a cost-effective process. Attorney Martin has been practicing law since 1982 and has had extensive experience as an attorney in divorce and family law, resolving cases through litigation, mediation and the collaborative process. Her work has strongly influenced her belief that skillful mediation can resolve even the most difficult issues concerning custody, child support, alimony and property division. Since her training in 1995 as a private mediator, Attorney Martin has co-mediated with Dr. Mark Lucyk, a clinical psychologist.

Attorney Martin is the owner/founder in 2004 of Connecticut Family Mediation, LLC with an office in Avon where she co-mediates with Dr. Lucyk. She is a member of the Connecticut Council For Non-Adversarial Divorce and also a founding member of Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Lawyers, now Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Group. >>> More About Kathy Martin

Dr. Lucyk began working with families in 1984 and has had extensive experience working with couples, families and individuals in therapy. He received his training as a divorce mediator in 1995 and since then has co-mediated with Attorney Martin. His work with families and their children has shaped his belief that the mediation process is a humane, sensitive and effective approach to addressing the complex family problems that arise during the divorce process. More About Dr Mark Lucyk

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